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Developing a

first in class,


long-term treatment

for endometriosis

SLBST Pharma

SLBST is developing a robust therapeutic platform for treatment of endometriosis, based on modulating the inflammatory axis. Our lead candidate (entering Phase 2b trials) is a re-purposing of the well-known immunomodulatory drug HCQ. SLBST has four additional candidates at the pre-clinical stage.

SLBST holds issued US and European method-of-treatment patents for “use of HCQ in an amount appropriate to treat endometriosis”. The company anticipates pursuing both composition-of-matter and method-of-treatment patent claims on its successful pre-clinical candidates.

Our total addressable market is vast with a significant unmet need. Endometriosis affects one-in-ten women worldwide, including 7.4M women in the US and 13.1M women in Europe. All existing treatments are hormonal, but three-quarters of women surveyed express dissatisfaction. The latest generation of endo therapies, the GnRH antagonists (including elagolix & relugolix), are used by fewer than 20,000 women in the US (or <0.3% of patients).  None of the current therapies are compatible with pregnancy.


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